Cookies Policy

Cookies are small data files that are installed in your computer or any other device when you visit FHP website and are used to record information about your navigation in order to make it easier and more enjoyable.

These files are stored on the user's terminal, contain anonymous data and do not damage your computer. They are used to record user preferences, such as the selected language, access data, or page customization, both during browsing and on future visits.

The web server only registers and stores the information usually registered by the server: the Internet Protocol Address through which the user had access to the Internet; the date and duration of the user's visit to the website; the Internet address of the website from which the user had directly accessed the website.

The information collected on the website has the purpose of measuring the number of visits to the different pages that comprise this website, which will enable FHP to make the website more useful to its users.

This information is not used by FHP to track or collect any personally identifiable information of its visitors, namely to linking the IP address to the identity of the user of the computer, nor for any purpose other than the one referred in the previous paragraph.

Under the terms of the Law no. 41/2004 of August 18th, the storage of information and the possibility of access to information stored in a user's terminal equipment (in particular through cookies) may only be performed by FHP if the user had given its prior and express consent to the installation of cookies in its device.

Are temporary cookies that allow us to provide you with a better experience by improving the content of the Website and making it easier to use.

Are used to know the preferences of the users with the purpose of improving the offer of products and services.

In case of blockade or non-authorization to use cookies, your equipment will not store any cookie, but the proper functioning of our website will not be guaranteed, and it can happen that the user may not take full advantage of the contents made available on the website.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to this Cookies Policy at any time by deleting the cookies stored on your computer through the configuration options of your Internet browser.
You may consult this information for the main Internet browsers in the following addresses:





Finally, if you want to have greater control over the installation of cookies, you can install programs or add-ons to your browser, known as "do not track" tools, which enable you to choose the cookies that you want to allow.

Any changes to this Cookies Policy will be duly publicized through a notice published on the website, and whenever there is any change, you will be asked to explicitly accept the Cookies Policy in the modified version.
For more information about how we process your personal information, please consult our Privacy Policy.