Privacy Policy

FHP High Performance (FHP invites you to read this Privacy Policy carefully, in order to check if you agree with it. For us, the privacy and safety of your data is very important and that is why we have made the commitment to protect and respect your privacy and your choices, as well as to comply with the current legislation regarding personal data protection and this Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy may be amended in accordance with new law and/or regulatory requirements, for security reasons, in order to adapt it to the instructions of the supervisory authorities or when, for any reason, we wish to review our personal data processing procedures, in order to guarantee the privacy and security of your data. We will always inform you whenever a significant amendment to the Privacy Policy is made.


Firm: FHP – Frezite High Performance, Lda
Portuguese tax payer number: 508023289
Registered office: Rua Eng.º Ferreira Dias, nº 401-405, 4149-013 Porto
Telephone: +351 220045400
Email address: dataprotection@frezitehp.com
Website: www.frezitehp.com

Should you have any queries regarding your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us.

FHP collects and processes personal data limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes bellow indicated.
Your personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

CREATION AND MANAGEMENT OF THE SUPPLIER/COSTUMER ACCOUNT: FHP may use the given personal data to create a supplier/costumer account, as applicable, in order to identify you, contact you and, in general, to manage said supplier/costumer account; 

SUPPLY OF PRODUCTS OR SERVICES: FHP may use your personal data to prepare, execute and comply with any agreement entered into between you and FHP.

DEVELOPMENT OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: FHP may use your personal data to develop its products and services. For such purpose, FHP will predominantly use aggregated data and statistical information.

COMMUNICATION: FHP may use your personal data to communicate with you.

MARKETING: FHP may use your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, namely to send communications about new products and services, and our Newsletter (in case you authorize its subscription), to be sent by email or by any other equivalent form of electronic communication.

IMPROVEMENT OF SERVICE PROVIDED: The personal data related to purchases, tastes and preferences may be used to carry out analysis, market research, quality surveys and to improve of our interaction.

RECRUITMENT: During the selection and recruitment processes, FHP collects applicants’ personal data. Under applicants express consent, FHP is entitled to transfer such personal data to other companies within the FHP Group. 

USE OF IMAGE: FHP may use images captured in events in which you take part, through photos or videos, for the purposes of release and publicity, of any services or products, : FHP may use your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, namely to send our marketing campaigns, promotions, information about new products and services, and our Newsletter (in case you authorize its subscription), to be sent by email or by any other equivalent form of electronic communication. commercialized by FHP, in all and any territory, national or foreign, where services and products are or will be commercialized, released or publicized. FHP may also use those images for publicity purposes in the form of newsletters, brochures and advertising leaflets, in electronic media and applications, namely through the internet or through our website, social networks (LinkedIn) and others that FHP might consider adequate.

FHP does not make automated individual decisions, including those based on profiles created from processed data.
FHP will only process your personal data for the purposes for which they were collected, under the terms established in this Privacy Policy. FHP will frequently review our policies of data collection, storage and data treatment to ensure that all the information collected, stored and treated is essential to the provision or to the improvement of our services.

The data will be processed under the following legal grounds:
• Supplier/customer account and supply of products or services/communication/ recruitment: performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract;
• Marketing, recruitment and use of image: consent; 
• Compliance with legal obligations, namely tax or anti-money laundering obligations.

FHP may engage other companies to provide certain services, such as payment management, customer service, legal advice, tax and accounting consultancy, marketing, among others. FHP ensures that these third parties will only have access to the data that is necessary for the execution of the contracted tasks. Moreover, FHP ensures that it has entered into an agreement with such third parties to regulate the protection of personal data, under which said third parties undertook not to disclose the personal data, by any means, nor to use them for any purposes different from the provision of the contracted tasks.
FHP may disclose your personal data when determined by law, and in particular, in a judicial proceeding or in the context of suspicious activity investigations.

The personal data provided may be transferred, for the same purposes, to other companies that are part of FHP Group, whose identification can be found at the end of this document.

International transfers of personal data may occur to countries whose data protection laws are not as wide-ranged as those of the countries of the European Union (EU). In accordance with the applicable law, we will only transfer personal data to recipients that offer an adequate level of data protection. In such situations, we can also conclude agreements to guarantee adequate levels of protection according to European standards, by applying the standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission for the transfer of personal data by data controllers in the EU to controllers and processors in jurisdictions lacking adequate data protection laws. We may also transfer your data to a country for which the European Commission has issued an Adequacy Decision, which reflects the finding of an adequate level of protection in that country through its legislation or if you have consented to the transfer of your personal data.

Under no circumstances will we give or sell your personal data.

The personal data provided by you is stored in our servers, which are located in a secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Additionally, FHP adopts the technical, electronic and organizational procedures necessary and adequate to guarantee the security of your personal data and to prevent its loss, misuse or improper access.

We only store your personal data for the time necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected. In order to determine the period within which we keep your data, we use the criteria below described. In case more than one criterion is applicable, we will keep your personal data in accordance with the criterion that allows the preservation of your personal data for the longest period:

a) SUPPLIER/CUSTOMER ACCOUNT AND ACQUISITION OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: during the term of the commercial relationship and during the period of limitation of the applicable contractual liability, as well as during 10/12 (2014-2015 period) years after the end of the calendar year in which it occurred after its termination or the period for the exercise of a right, if longer than the said periods, until the expiry of the period of limitation of the corresponding taxes, with regard to data of fiscal relevance, without prejudice to the fulfilment of legal obligations of FHP;

b) RECRUITMENT: during the maximum period of 1 years after the conclusion of the recruitment process, the data will then be kept anonymised and aggregated, or until you withdraws your consent, as to the processing for which it is lawful;

c) USE OF IMAGE: while the purpose that determined the respective collection persists or until the data subject withdraws its consent;

d) MARKETING: while the purpose that determined the respective collection persists or until you cancel your subscription or ask us to eliminate it;

e) For the period of time provided by the applicable law;

f) Until the specific purpose applicable to certain data ceases to exist.

We may also keep some of your personal data in the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations, as well as to manage or to enforce our rights, namely by judicial means. In case there is a pending judicial process, the applicable period shall be of six months after the adoption of a final decision.
After the expiry of the above mentioned periods, personal data will be eliminated in a secure way.


a) RIGHT TO BE INFORMED: the right to obtain clear, transparent and comprehensive information regarding the way FHP processes your personal data. That is the reason why we provide you with this Privacy Policy. 

b) RIGHT OF ACCESS: you can access the personal data we keep in your regard.

c) RIGHT OF CORRECTION: you have the right to correct your personal data in case they are incorrect, outdated or if you pretend to complete them.

d) RIGHT TO ERASURE/RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN: you can request us to delete your data. Nevertheless, please note that this is not an absolute right, as we may have legal grounds or legitimate interests for the retention of your personal data.

e) RIGHT TO OBJECT, INCLUDING TO DIRECT MARKETING ACTIONS: you can cancel your Newsletter subscription or opt to be removed from our direct communication system at any moment, as well as object to the processing of your personal data.

f) RIGHT TO, AT ANY TIME, WITHDRAW YOUR CONSENT: you can withdraw your consent when it is basis of the lawful processing. The withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

g) RIGHT TO LODGE A COMPLAINT BEFORE THE NATIONAL DATA PROTECTION COMMISSION (here in after referred to as “NDPC”): If you consider that the processing of your personal data carried out by FHP breaches the data protection legislation, you are entitled to lodge a complaint before the NDPC. Please do not hesitate to contact us before lodging any complaint before the NDPC.

h) RIGHT TO DATA PORTABILITY: you have the right to move, copy or transfer the data from our database to another.

i) RIGHT TO RESTRICTION OF PROCESSING: you can request the restriction of your data processing, namely if the processing is unlawful and you oppose the erasure of the personal data, requesting the restriction of their use instead; if FHP no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of the processing, but the personal data are required by you, or if you have exercised the above referred right to object to processing during the period within which FHP analyses if the legitimate grounds for processing override those of the data subject.

In order to request the exercise of any of the rights listed above, you shall send a communication addressed to the above mentioned address or an email to the email address also referred. You may also use this address in case you want to ask us any questions regarding this Privacy Policy.

We remind you that these rights, like any other, must be exercised reasonably and in good faith by the holder. If requests to exercise your rights are manifestly unfounded or excessive, for example, if you request information in an unjustified and repeated manner or if you abuse your right to receive information, including by providing false or misleading information, FHP reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee taking into account the administrative cost of providing information or not to comply with your request.

The data subject guarantees that the personal data communicated to FHP are accurate and precise, undertakes to notify FHP of any change or modification to said data, and assumes sole liability for the losses and damages caused by the erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete communication of the data.

Identification of FREZITE Group Companies:

Companies name Country Tax payer No. Website
FREZIGEST, S.G.P.S., S.A. Portugal PT507472241 www.frezitegroup.com (Holding)
FREZITE – Ferramentas de Corte, S.A. Portugal PT500806500 www.fmttooling.com | www.frezite.com | www.mfmetal.net
FREZITE - Ferramentas de Corte LTDA Brazil 01018240/0001-86 www.frezite.com.br
FMT Tooling Systems S de RL de CV Mexico FTS151223EC4 www.fmttooling.com
FREZITE – Herramientas de Corte, SL Spain B46167227 www.frezite.com | www.fmttooling.com
FMT – Frezite Metal Tooling, GmbH Germany DE256741442 www.fmttooling.com
GOLD Werkzeugfabrik GmbH Germany DE815496050 www.gold-tools.de
FREZITE, s.r.o. Czech Republic CZ27509338 www.fmttooling.cz
FREZITE Polska sp. z.o.o. Poland PL1070029096 www.frezite.com
FMT Tooling Systems Ltd UK 199 1377 59 www.fmttooling.co.uk
Seri – Sociedade de Estudos e Realizações Industriais LDA. Portugal PT502060913 www.seri.pt
FHP – Frezite High Performance, Lda Portugal PT508023289 www.frezitehp.com
FMT Tooling Systems Sp. z o.o. Poland PL8961529303 www.fmttooling.pl
TERATOIMITUS SALONEN OY Finland www.teratoimitus.fi
FMT TOOLING SYSTEMS SRL Italy 02594730034 www.fmttooling.com