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2024.01.25 Article
FHP receives Brazilian Space Agency

A representative from the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) visited FHP on 19 January with the aim of getting to know the Portuguese ecosystem with a view to developing future partnerships for a common goal. The meeting was organised by FCJ Europe - a venture builder, also known as a start-up factory - which works with entrepreneurs to develop ideas. This initiative stems from the memorandum of understanding signed between Portugal and Brazil on 22 April 2023 for Cooperation in the Peaceful Use of Space, Space Sciences, Technologies, and Applications. The AEB is the institution responsible for formulating, coordinating, and executing the Brazilian Space Policy.

2024.01.16 Article
FHP renews partnership with Formula Student

The Formula Student FEUP (FSFEUP) team, which received technical support from FHP in 2023, visited the company's facilities on 9 January to present the results obtained under this partnership. These students from the University of Porto's Faculty of Engineering developed the first prototype of an electric car with suspension arms made from carbon fiber tubes produced at FHP's composites unit, in Trofa (Portugal). They took part in international competitions in the UK, Germany, and Portugal with the electric class (EV) prototype, endeavoring, like FHP, to play an active role in building a sustainable future. A successful bet, which led to the renewal of this partnership for another cycle, until August 2025.

2024.01.10 Article
FHP joins Atlantic Constellation Consortium

A constellation of 16 Earth observation microsatellites is to be launched by 2025 as part of an international co-operation. FHP is part of the New Space Portugal consortium and will supply MLI for the two VHR - Very High Resolution - satellites and will participate in the development of depots (COPVs) and satellite structures. It will also take part in the development, production, and industrialization of the antenna for the VDES (VHF Data Exchange System) satellites. GEOSAT is the leader of the consortium for this activity, which is part of the "New Space Portugal" Mobilizing Agenda. The aim of this constellation is to create a single satellite platform to be used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from monitoring maritime traffic, fisheries, aquaculture, biodiversity or coastal erosion to climate, communications and testing orbital technologies in the EEZ - Portugal's Exclusive Economic Zone, the third largest in the European Union.

2023.12.04 Article
FHP presents Frezite tools with composites

FHP was one of the companies invited to present the project it carried out with the support of ESA SPARK 4 Tech, in a process involving Frezite's Metal (FMT - Frezite Metal Tooling) and Wood Divisions. The two tools developed as part of this work involving the group's companies were presented on 30 November at the Instituto Pedro Nunes (Pedro Nunes Institute) in Coimbra, at an event organized by ESA Space Solutions Portugal to mark its ninth anniversary.

2023.11.21 Article
FHP participates in Europe`s largest B2B space event

The sixth edition of Space Tech Expo Europe 2023 was the biggest event to date in Germany. It brought together the entire space supply chain in Bremen, considered the city of space, and once again FHP took part. Between 14 and 16 November, Frezite's space company exhibited at the stand of AED Portugal - the Portuguese cluster for Aeronautics, Space and Defence - in another successful and not-to-be-missed event.

2023.10.20 Article
FHP supports European vice-champions at EuRoC23

They are a regular presence at international competitions and, once again, received technical support from FHP at the European Rocketry Challenge 2023 (EuRoC23). RED, a team from Técnico's Aerospace Engineering Student Centre, came second in the General Classification and won the Payload Award, which honours the best scientific experiments, in an edition that took place in Constância, Portugal. Congratulations RED, we're with you, always flying higher.

2023.10.18 Article
FHP supplies MLI for COMET-I mission

FHP is designing and manufacturing the thermal insulation (MLI) for the next fast-class deep space mission led by the European Space Agency (ESA), Comet Interceptor (COMET-I). It’s a direct collaboration with OHB Italia and, FHP’s first contract with OHB Italia, a subsidiary of the space and technology group OHB SE. By exploring comets, this mission will allow humanity to better understand the origins of our solar system and, possibly, the origin of life.

2023.09.28 Article
HERA in testing phase

FHP is carrying out the final integration of HERA at ESA – European Space Agency. The integration of the MLI blankets into the satellite is taking place at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, where the ESA assembles and tests satellites before launch. The Hera satellite is designed to study and test planetary defense techniques to deflect potentially dangerous asteroids that can threaten the Earth. The Hera will also contribute to understanding the formation and evolution of asteroids and is scheduled for launch in October 2024.

2023.08.11 Article
FHP carbon tubes in suspension arms

Formula Student FEUP (FSFEUP), the team sponsored by FHP, presented its first electric prototype, which will take part in international competitions this summer. The team's first rollout took place in July at the Main Auditorium of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. The car has carbon fibre tubes produced at the company's composites unit in Trofa, applied to the suspension arms. It was the presentation of the result of the hard work carried out by the team over its two years of existence. The FEUP - Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto - team will be taking part in three competitions later this year: Formula Student UK (United Kingdom), Formula Student Germany and Formula Student Portugal. Good luck!

2023.08.08 Article
Plato structural model test campaign ends

A successful test campaign for the structural model of ESA's next exoplanet mission, Plato, took place between May and August at ESA's European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. During liftoff, Plato will have to withstand intense vibrations, so this test model, as well as the flight model, are equipped with multi-layer coatings (MLI) from FHP. To ensure that the satellite can survive the start of its journey into space, engineers pre-test its structural integrity and thermal performance to characterise the spacecraft during its development. The Plato satellite is scheduled to be launched in 2026 aboard an Ariane 6 launcher.

2023.07.11 Article
On board of the last journey of the Ariane 5 rocket

It is one of the most efficient rockets of the space exploration era and set off on its last journey on 7 July from the Kourou base, in French Guiana (South America), carrying a French defence satellite and a German communications satellite built by OHB and operated by the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). During the 15 years that it is to be in orbit, the Heinrich Hertz geostationary satellite (H2Sat) will be protected from extreme temperatures by FHP's thermal insulation (MLI), which is thus participating in this German communications satellite launched as a platform for new communication technologies. After 27 years of service to the European Space Agency, over 117 missions, and with a reliability rate of 97%, Ariane 5 has carried more than 230 satellites into space.

2023.07.05 Article
Euclid telescope follows up with FHP MLI

Euclid, the space telescope that will explore the "dark side" of the Universe, with the aim of discovering the great cosmic mystery of dark matter and dark energy, was launched on 1 July aboard SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket. The telescope that will seek to "shine a light" on the invisible Universe follows with a multilayer insulation (MLI) from FHP, one of the six Portuguese companies involved in this mission of ESA - European Space Agency. For six years, Euclid will observe billions of galaxies, which will allow it to obtain, in 15 days, images of an area "swept" by the Hubble Space Telescope in 30 years.

See the launch here

2023.06.14 Article
Satellogic expands Earth Observation Constellation

The company Satellogic Inc. – leader in sub-meter resolution satellite imagery collection – launched, on June 12, four more satellites of its Earth Observation ("EO") constellation with SpaceX Transporter 8. All these satellites are equipped with multilayer insulation (MLI) produced by FHP, in Porto, which has been making monthly supplies for this customer since the end of last year. In this way, Satellogic advances on its goal of bi-weekly global remapping and enhanced geospatial capabilities with 5th generation satellites. Find additional information on the launch here.

2023.06.05 Article
FHP participates in AED Days

Regular presence at the event, FHP participated in the 9th edition of AED Days, which took place between 31 May and 2 June at Taguspark, in Oeiras (Lisbon, Portugal). In addition to exhibiting its products and receiving distinguished visitors, in the Meet the Buyer program, the company met in virtually and physically to debate the present and future challenges of the Aeronautics, Space and Defense sectors, with the main national and international players of these industries, and seek collaborations and business partnerships.

2023.04.24 Article
FHP audited by Airbus

Between 18th and 20th April, the Space company of the FREZITE Group was audited in its facilities in Porto. The Airbus representatives also took the opportunity to visit the composites production unit of FHP in Trofa (Portugal). Following this visit, FHP is now formally qualified for the supply of MLI for telecommunication satellites. Specialist in multilayer insulation (MLI), FHP is a qualified supplier by LSI - Large System Integrators in Europe.

2023.04.17 Article
On the way to Jupiter...

Launched on April 14, JUICE (acronym for JUpiter ICy Moons Explorer) will explore Jupiter and three of its four largest moons, which may hide oceans and, who knows, have (or have had) life. The European Space Agency's mission brings FHP's know-how in thermal protection in several of the satellite's instruments (MAG, SWI, JDC, MGAMA). The company was also responsible for producing a thermal development model with a "1:1 scale mockup of the satellite". JUICE flew aboard the Ariane 5 rocket from the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, and has a long journey ahead of it, as it is not due to reach its destination until July 2031.

See here the Portuguese participation.

2023.03.23 Article
FHP receives a visit from a technical school

On March 22nd, the company received a visit from two classes of ETAP, a professional school that proposes education in general, as well as courses in technological, artistic, and professional areas. Thirty-four students from the Aircraft Mechanic and Flight Material courses, as well as the Automotive Mechatronics class, visited the company's facilities in Porto to discover how solutions are developed for space and how the acquired know-how is applied into terrestrial solutions. This is yet another action that strengthens the proximity relationships with educational institutions, as is usual for the FREZITE Group.

2023.03.22 Article
FHP celebrates another anniversary

On March 21st, FHP celebrated its 16th anniversary. Since its foundation, it has had a remarkable journey with participations in missions to Mars and Jupiter, and has new, equally challenging projects, on the horizon. The team, plural and multidisciplinary, gathered to celebrate the occasion with symbolic gestures, planting seeds for the future, searching for new horizons. Congratulations, team!

2023.02.14 Article
FHP supports FEUP participation in Formula Student
It is one of the biggest international competitions for engineering students, it gathers students from several institutions spread around the world, who are responsible to conceptualisation, design, manufacture and test a prototype of a formula car. With students from several areas (Mechanics, Electrotechnics and Computers and Informatics and Computing) from the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto, the team which will participate with a prototype of an electric car, designed and manufactured entirely by them, visited the Composites Unit of FHP in the 14th of February. FHP will support this team with technical consultancy and the supply of suspension arms in composite materials, taking advantage of this project to test its products in real context. Considered "a high-level European project", it is seen by the motorsport industry as the standard to be met by recent engineering graduates making the transition from university to the workplace.

2023.01.05 Article
FHP in satellites orbiting
Four satellites equipped with MLI (Multilayer Insulation) from FHP – Frezite High Performance were launched this month on the SpaceX Transporter 6. Two governmental satellites (Albania-1 and Albania-2) will allow Albania to control, protect, and manage its territory (helping, for example, in the control of arms trade with real-time tools and data. The NewSat-34 satellite is an improved version of the NewSat Mark IV-G satellite from Satellogic. The new-generation NewSat-35 satellite presents a more competitive and efficient version – which carries on board a multispectral and hyperspectral camera – that completes the high-resolution image capture capability of the Satellogic constellation. The satellites were launched on January 3rd from Cape Canaveral, Florida, in the United States of America.

See here the launch

2022.12.02 Article
FHP participates in NATO event

NIAG is a high-level advisory and consultative Group that promotes the sharing of information between NATO, Allies, and their industry. The plenary of the NATO Industrial Advisory Group, where 51 entities from 25 countries are represented, including some of the major global players in the defence industry (such as Airbus, BAE Systems, Leonardo, Navantia, Raytheon, Saab or Thales), business associations and NATO agencies met from 28 to 30 November in Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal). Alongside the plenary sessions, an Industry Day was held with the participation of FHP among the 30 entities of the Defense Technological and Industrial Base to promote the internationalisation of the Portuguese defense economy. The group meets three times a year, one of which, outside NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

2022.11.18 Article
FHP exhibits at Space Tech Expo Europe

The company once again participated in the largest exhibition and conference dedicated to the space industry held in Europe. The fifth edition of this B2B event took place between the 14 and 16 of November, in Bremen, Germany, also called the city of space. FHP was one of the exhibitors’ companies present at the stand of the Portuguese cluster of the sector, AED Portugal.

2022.11.02 Article
FHP qualifies as a type A supplier

FHP - Frezite High Performance participated in an Equipment Qualification Status Review (EQSR) process within the CHIME programme, which aims to support new and improved services for sustainable agriculture and biodiversity management, as well as soil properties characterisation. The process took place in October and involved the OHB consortium as project integrator, TAS-F and ESA – European Space Agency as final customer and FHP as manufacturer of the MLI for CHIME. Various tests and qualification tests were evaluated and the full suitability of FHP's MLI to CHIME Phase C/D requirements was confirmed, opening new perspectives for FHP's growth as a type A supplier for other missions.

2022.10.25 Article
FHP renews certification

FHP received the green light from the audit carried out this month, which resulted in the renewal of its certification under EN 9100, which establishes specific quality management requirements for the aeronautical industry. This standard has been adopted by the largest manufacturers in the sector (such as Airbus, Boeing, GEAE and Rolls-Royce) who require it in contracts with their business partners. Based on ISO 9001, it includes common and additional requirements relating to production, with a special focus on quality, safety and technology issues in all aspects of the industry and throughout the supply chain.

2022.10.11 Article
FHP participates in BSBF 2022
FHP was represented at the Big Science Business Forum, a business-oriented congress which congregates the main European Research Infrastructures, focused on technology and with the objective of being the main meeting point between these entities and industry. FHP was one of the Portuguese companies represented at the booth of the Agência Nacional de Inovação (Portuguese Innovation Agency) at the second edition of the event, held in Granada, Spain, between 4 and 7 October.

2022.09.27 Article
FHP at the Industry Space Days
The initiative, promoted by the European Space Agency (ESA), takes place between 28 and 29 September in Noordwijk, Netherlands. FHP is a regular presence in this type of initiative that has been consolidating its position as a window of opportunity in the space business. The event is open to entities and investors from ESA Member States, Associated States, Cooperating States and the European Union.

2022.09.23 Article
FHP at IAC 2022

The FHP was represented at the 73rd International Astronautical Congress held between 18 and 22 September in France. The initiative took place at the Paris Convention Centre and Portugal was represented at the Portugal Space stand, where the external box of the ANITA-2 instrument (which flew in December 2021), a demonstrator with several types of MLI, the multilayer coating in which FHP is a specialist, as well as a mockup of the MLI of the NOMAD instrument, which is operating since 2016 in the ExoMars mission, were exhibited. Sustainable Space for Earth Sustainability was the motto for the Portuguese participation.

2022.08.02 Article
FHP organises a Sunset

"Sunset in the Park" was an initiative promoted by FHP - Frezite High Performance on July 29th. Before the Summer holidays, the company gathered the team in Parque da Cidade, in Porto, in a relaxed weekday to celebrate the summer and strengthen the team spirit. It was a good initiative.

2022.07.18 Article
CaSSIS provides images of "dust devils" from Mars

This image taken by the CaSSIS camera - on board the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) - shows a fascinating (and otherworldly) landscape in the Southern highlands on the planet Mars.  CaSSIS relies on the multilayer coating (MLI) produced by FHP - Frezite High Performance since its launch in 2016, but which is still working in great conditions. These dark traces are caused by "dust devils" (dust swirls) that occur, both on Mars and Earth, when hot air rises rapidly into cooler air. Since its arrival on Mars, the TGO spacecraft has also provided the planet's best inventory of atmospheric gases, as well as mapping the planet's surface for potentially water-rich locations. And it will provide data relay services for the second ExoMars mission when it reaches Mars next year.

2022.06.14 Article
FHP at Space Tech Expo 2022

The company was represented at the conference held in Long Beach, California. The trip to the United States of America, at the end of May, was made to participate in the debate about the future of the aerospace industry. In this way, FHP seeks to reach North American entities.

2022.06.07 Article
Portugal Space highlights FHP

The Frezite Group's space company was highlighted in the newsletter released by the Portuguese Space Agency at the end of last month. The article emphasizes the path of FHP, whose hardware flies from Porto to the rest of the universe, referring to the growth and path traced over its 15 years of existence and its participation in important space projects and missions.


2022.05.31 Article

FMT – Frezite Metal Tooling (the company's Metal Division) and FHP participated in the 9th edition of AED Days, a hybrid event that brought together the main aeronautics, space and defense players to discuss the present and future challenges of the sector. Between May 24 and 27, conferences and workshops, a forum and B2B meetings were held at the Taguspark Congress Center, in Oeiras (Portugal), for companies seeking business partnerships.

2022.05.27 Article
EnMAP satellite has impressive performance

The german EnMAP hyperspectral imaging satellite, which features several multilayer coatings and an optical baffle designed, manufactured, and assembled by FHP has proven to be a success. The first images of the satellite for VNIR/SWIR presented by the German Space Agency (DLR - Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) demonstrates the excellent performance of the system. So, FHP is continuing its successful foray into commercial satellites.

2022.05.13 Article
FHP in the Portugal-Luxembourg Economic Forum

Searching for new partnerships in that country, FHP participated in the Portugal-Luxembourg Economic Forum that took place on the 12th of May at the Ritz Hotel, in Lisbon. During the morning sessions, themes such as Digital Economy of Tomorrow, Space, Sustainable Construction and Business and Touristic Events were discussed. The ceremony that counted the presence of, among others, the Grand Duke Henri de Luxembourg and the President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

2022.04.04 Article
FHP celebrates 15th Anniversary

On March 21st, the space company of the FREZITE Group celebrated 15 years of activity. By this reason, FHP presented the graphic design it will adopt in 2022 to mark this important milestone and a video that reminds its path. The anniversary programme ended with a teambuilding action.


2022.03.14 Article
ANITA-2 already monitoring air on the International Space Station

Watch German astronaut Matthias Maurer taking the ANITA-2 (Analysing Interferometer for Ambient Air) out of its packaging and place it in Destiny Lab - NASA's first permanent orbital research station. FHP configured the instrument and manufactured parts of the hardware (housings, metallic components, and coatings). The ANITA-2 instrument is currently operating in perfect conditions, monitoring the air on the International Space Station (ISS).


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