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2020.09.14 Article with video
FHP coating used on an antenna in a mission to Jupiter

JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) is one of the major scientific missions of the European Space Agency's Cosmic Vision programme. The satellite, to be launched in 2022, is expected to reach Jupiter after a long gravity-assisted journey around Venus, Earth and Mars. The built-in multi-layer-coated antenna (MLI) produced by FHP should provide two-way communications between the JUICE satellite and Earth to analyse the atmospheres and gravitational fields of the planet and several of its moons. Another relevant FHP participation in the exploration of the planet Jupiter! Watch a video of the functional tests here: 

2020.08.24 Article
FHP participates in the development of air transport solutions
FHP is working on the definition, identification, studies and development of structural insulation - thermal and acoustic - for the elements that make up FLY.PT's modular air transport solution. This involves the combination of an autonomous electric vehicle (AEV) with an autonomous aerial vehicle (UAV or drone), by coupling/uncoupling a cabin for two to four people or two people with luggage. It makes FHP an active partner at the forefront of e-mobility solutions.

2020.07.27 Article
FHP in the space program Copernicus

FHP will participate in the manufacture of new satellites for the European programme Copernicus whose objective is to put at least 12 more satellites in orbit for better Earth observation. FREZITE heads a list of four Portuguese companies and one institute involved in a 10 million euro funded contract under ESA - European Space Agency.



2020.07.06 Article
FHP participation in NASA images
In these photos and video we can see the participation of FHP - Frezite High Performance in the Spanish Optical Telescope that is in the International Space Station. Note that FHP provided the MLI (multilayer insulation), a thermal insulator that is often used in space vehicles showing next to the astronaut in the image transmitted by NASA. It is special!

2020.04.29 Article with video
FHP collaborates with CEiiA in the production of ventilators

As part of the Atena project, CEiiA (Centre of Excellence for Automotive Industry Innovation) is involved in the production of a prototype ventilator and has FHP as its supplier. The goal is to leverage the production of fans to combat the Covid-19 virus in Portugal.
By the end of April CEiiA is expected to produce 100 ventilators and it is estimated to produce a few thousand in the coming months.
Photo: Pedro Granadeiro/Global Imagens



2020.02.20 Article
FHP in space telescope
The CHEOPS (CHaracterising ExOPlanets Satellite) space telescope, which involved FHP in the development and manufacture of its thermal protection, revealed its first image of space. Launched in December and led by the European Space Agency (ESA), it has the unique ability to accurately determine the size of exoplanets in the range between the Super Lands and the Neptunnes, representing the outcome of 10 years of work and investment.
Image credits: ESA/ATG Medialab

2020.02.13 Article
FHP on the Solar Orbiter Probe
On February 10th, was launched the Solar Orbiter, an artificial solar observation satellite dedicated to solar and heliospheric physics developed by the European Space Agency.
The probe developed with NASA support, was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in the United States of America (USA) and its mission is to collect information about the Sun's poles.
This project counted with the FHP participation in the development of multilayers isolations (MLIs) for the thermal dummies.
The Orbiter Solar Probe is already in space and has Portuguese technology incorporated.

2019.12.17 Article
FHP in Cheops satellite that will study planets outside our solar system
FHP has been involved in the design and manufacturing of the MLI blankets for the Optical Telescope Assembly (OTA) of the CHEOPS mission (first S-class mission from ESA - https://sci.esa.int/web/cheops).
The MLI blankets have been manufactured in FHP’s cleanroom in Porto and assembled at Uni Bern (https://cheops.unibe.ch/).
CHEOPS is scheduled to launch on a Soyuz-Fregat rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana at 09:54 CET on 17 December 2019 and, could be followed here https://esawebtv.esa.int/.

2019.12.02 Article
FHP produces first set of tubes in filament widding
In July 2019, were delivered the first set of tubes developed to LEA – Large European Antenna developed under the Filtube project.
This is an important milestone since these are the first set of tubes produced by FHP and should be the start of a business area considered strategic for the Company future.
FHP is also expected to send a total of 120 tubes to the customer by the end of the year, thereby ending its participation in the LEA project and gaining structure to provide tubes in ESA future missions.

2019.07.25 Article
Portugal Space Agency President Visit FHP
The visit of the Portuguese Space Agency committee led by its President, Chiara Manfletti, took place on last July 23 and was the motto to present the new FHP facilities and know- how in Thermal Hardware, Mechanical Hardware and Lightweight Mechanical Components.

2019.07.18 Article
FHP integrates consortium for the largest antenna for Space
Focused on the challenges of the aeronautical and space market, FHP - Frezite High Performance is now part of the consortium that won the contract of ESA (European Space Agency) for the development of the LEOB Project: the largest european antenna for space observation. The consortium will be responsible for the developing of this ambitious project, which involves advanced FHP´s engineering technologies to the "NewSpace" market. This is an unprecedented participation which opens new horizons to FREZITE Group.

2019.07.16 Article
FHP celebrates the 50th anniversary of arrival to the Moon
On 15th July, a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the arrival of Man to the Moon took place at the Gil Vicente Academic Theater, in Coimbra, Portugal. The event was held by IPN, University of Coimbra, Portugal Space, ANI, Ciência Viva and MCTES. This celebration also had the purpose to present the next phase of PT ESA Space Solutions (BICs, Brokers and ESA BUSINESS Applications), the "Portugal New Space Entrepreneurship Initiative 2030". FHP sponsored this ceremony, that was attended by the Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Prof. Manuel Heitor, PT Space Agency President, Chiara Manfletti, and a representative of European Space Agency (ESA). Júlio Resende, a great portuguese pianist, closed the event with a beautiful concert where he presented his new album “Cinderella Cybrog!” that praises the arrival of Man to the Moon.

2019.06.25 Article
FHP exhibits at the Paris Air Show 2019
FHP was one of the Portuguese companies exhibiting in the Portuguese booth, presented at Paris Air Show 2019, one of the most important world events in the Aeronautics, Space and Defense sectors, which is already in its 53rd edition. Between 17th and 23rd June, in Le Bourget, France, FHP has integrated the portuguese delegation, composed by more than 30 entities from the state business sector and the BTID (Technological and Industrial Defense Base), in Aeronautics and Space clusters and in the Defense and Security sectors. The Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, the Portuguese Ministry of National Defense, João Cravinho, as well as the Portuguese Secretary of State for Industrialization, Eurico Brilhante Dias, made a visit to the Portuguese stand, where they highlighted the great progress in aeronautical sector since the last decade. The event brought together more than 2,300 exhibitors representing 50 countries.

2019.02.20 Institutional
New identity: FHP - Frezite High Performance
Following the process of strategic integration into the business universe of the FREZITE Group, the company HPS "High Performance Structures Gestão e Engenharia Lda" acquired last year, changed its name, address, logotype and corporate image to FHP - Frezite High Performance, Lda. The main objective of the newly named company is now to hire highly qualified human resources, in order to position FHP in a highly competitive sector, expanding its business to new areas.

2019.02.18 Article
FHP makes its debut at JEC WORLD
Recently changed, FHP - Frezite High Performance, was presented to the market with a new brand at JEC World, the leading international composites show held in Paris Nord-Villepinte from March 12 to 14. In France, FHP - Frezite High Performance participated in its first international exhibition, presenting advanced engineering technologies for new applications. The experience of space into terrestrial applications was the motto of the company that presented in the show solutions in MLI, MGSE and LMC. A successful participation in which the company, besides the new brand, presented to visitors and partners a renewed portfolio of solutions.

2019.01.05 Institutional
FHP with new facilities

Re-installed in the Porto Business area, in facilities appropriate to the company's objectives, FHP - Frezite High Performance aims to expand its business portfolio and leverage some of its advanced engineering technologies. Betting on new and bigger challenges, the company seeks to serve the markets: space, aeronautics, automotive and cryogenics. To boost this expansion, the FREZITE Group plans to invest one million euros this year in production and test equipment’s.

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