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2023.01.05 Article
FHP in satellites orbiting
Four satellites equipped with MLI (Multilayer Insulation) from FHP – Frezite High Performance were launched this month on the SpaceX Transporter 6. Two governmental satellites (Albania-1 and Albania-2) will allow Albania to control, protect, and manage its territory (helping, for example, in the control of arms trade with real-time tools and data. The NewSat-34 satellite is an improved version of the NewSat Mark IV-G satellite from Satellogic. The new-generation NewSat-35 satellite presents a more competitive and efficient version – which carries on board a multispectral and hyperspectral camera – that completes the high-resolution image capture capability of the Satellogic constellation. The satellites were launched on January 3rd from Cape Canaveral, Florida, in the United States of America.

See here the launch

2022.12.02 Article
FHP participates in NATO event

NIAG is a high-level advisory and consultative Group that promotes the sharing of information between NATO, Allies, and their industry. The plenary of the NATO Industrial Advisory Group, where 51 entities from 25 countries are represented, including some of the major global players in the defence industry (such as Airbus, BAE Systems, Leonardo, Navantia, Raytheon, Saab or Thales), business associations and NATO agencies met from 28 to 30 November in Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal). Alongside the plenary sessions, an Industry Day was held with the participation of FHP among the 30 entities of the Defense Technological and Industrial Base to promote the internationalisation of the Portuguese defense economy. The group meets three times a year, one of which, outside NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

2022.11.18 Article
FHP exhibits at Space Tech Expo Europe

The company once again participated in the largest exhibition and conference dedicated to the space industry held in Europe. The fifth edition of this B2B event took place between the 14 and 16 of November, in Bremen, Germany, also called the city of space. FHP was one of the exhibitors’ companies present at the stand of the Portuguese cluster of the sector, AED Portugal.

2022.11.02 Article
FHP qualifies as a type A supplier

FHP - Frezite High Performance participated in an Equipment Qualification Status Review (EQSR) process within the CHIME programme, which aims to support new and improved services for sustainable agriculture and biodiversity management, as well as soil properties characterisation. The process took place in October and involved the OHB consortium as project integrator, TAS-F and ESA – European Space Agency as final customer and FHP as manufacturer of the MLI for CHIME. Various tests and qualification tests were evaluated and the full suitability of FHP's MLI to CHIME Phase C/D requirements was confirmed, opening new perspectives for FHP's growth as a type A supplier for other missions.

2022.10.25 Article
FHP renews certification

FHP received the green light from the audit carried out this month, which resulted in the renewal of its certification under EN 9100, which establishes specific quality management requirements for the aeronautical industry. This standard has been adopted by the largest manufacturers in the sector (such as Airbus, Boeing, GEAE and Rolls-Royce) who require it in contracts with their business partners. Based on ISO 9001, it includes common and additional requirements relating to production, with a special focus on quality, safety and technology issues in all aspects of the industry and throughout the supply chain.

2022.10.11 Article
FHP participates in BSBF 2022
FHP was represented at the Big Science Business Forum, a business-oriented congress which congregates the main European Research Infrastructures, focused on technology and with the objective of being the main meeting point between these entities and industry. FHP was one of the Portuguese companies represented at the booth of the Agência Nacional de Inovação (Portuguese Innovation Agency) at the second edition of the event, held in Granada, Spain, between 4 and 7 October.

2022.09.27 Article
FHP at the Industry Space Days
The initiative, promoted by the European Space Agency (ESA), takes place between 28 and 29 September in Noordwijk, Netherlands. FHP is a regular presence in this type of initiative that has been consolidating its position as a window of opportunity in the space business. The event is open to entities and investors from ESA Member States, Associated States, Cooperating States and the European Union.

2022.09.23 Article
FHP at IAC 2022

The FHP was represented at the 73rd International Astronautical Congress held between 18 and 22 September in France. The initiative took place at the Paris Convention Centre and Portugal was represented at the Portugal Space stand, where the external box of the ANITA-2 instrument (which flew in December 2021), a demonstrator with several types of MLI, the multilayer coating in which FHP is a specialist, as well as a mockup of the MLI of the NOMAD instrument, which is operating since 2016 in the ExoMars mission, were exhibited. Sustainable Space for Earth Sustainability was the motto for the Portuguese participation.

2022.08.02 Article
FHP organises a Sunset

"Sunset in the Park" was an initiative promoted by FHP - Frezite High Performance on July 29th. Before the Summer holidays, the company gathered the team in Parque da Cidade, in Porto, in a relaxed weekday to celebrate the summer and strengthen the team spirit. It was a good initiative.

2022.07.18 Article
CaSSIS provides images of "dust devils" from Mars

This image taken by the CaSSIS camera - on board the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) - shows a fascinating (and otherworldly) landscape in the Southern highlands on the planet Mars.  CaSSIS relies on the multilayer coating (MLI) produced by FHP - Frezite High Performance since its launch in 2016, but which is still working in great conditions. These dark traces are caused by "dust devils" (dust swirls) that occur, both on Mars and Earth, when hot air rises rapidly into cooler air. Since its arrival on Mars, the TGO spacecraft has also provided the planet's best inventory of atmospheric gases, as well as mapping the planet's surface for potentially water-rich locations. And it will provide data relay services for the second ExoMars mission when it reaches Mars next year.

2022.06.14 Article
FHP at Space Tech Expo 2022

The company was represented at the conference held in Long Beach, California. The trip to the United States of America, at the end of May, was made to participate in the debate about the future of the aerospace industry. In this way, FHP seeks to reach North American entities.

2022.06.07 Article
Portugal Space highlights FHP

The Frezite Group's space company was highlighted in the newsletter released by the Portuguese Space Agency at the end of last month. The article emphasizes the path of FHP, whose hardware flies from Porto to the rest of the universe, referring to the growth and path traced over its 15 years of existence and its participation in important space projects and missions.


2022.05.31 Article

FMT – Frezite Metal Tooling (the company's Metal Division) and FHP participated in the 9th edition of AED Days, a hybrid event that brought together the main aeronautics, space and defense players to discuss the present and future challenges of the sector. Between May 24 and 27, conferences and workshops, a forum and B2B meetings were held at the Taguspark Congress Center, in Oeiras (Portugal), for companies seeking business partnerships.

2022.05.27 Article
EnMAP satellite has impressive performance

The german EnMAP hyperspectral imaging satellite, which features several multilayer coatings and an optical baffle designed, manufactured, and assembled by FHP has proven to be a success. The first images of the satellite for VNIR/SWIR presented by the German Space Agency (DLR - Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) demonstrates the excellent performance of the system. So, FHP is continuing its successful foray into commercial satellites.

2022.05.13 Article
FHP in the Portugal-Luxembourg Economic Forum

Searching for new partnerships in that country, FHP participated in the Portugal-Luxembourg Economic Forum that took place on the 12th of May at the Ritz Hotel, in Lisbon. During the morning sessions, themes such as Digital Economy of Tomorrow, Space, Sustainable Construction and Business and Touristic Events were discussed. The ceremony that counted the presence of, among others, the Grand Duke Henri de Luxembourg and the President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

2022.04.04 Article
FHP celebrates 15th Anniversary

On March 21st, the space company of the FREZITE Group celebrated 15 years of activity. By this reason, FHP presented the graphic design it will adopt in 2022 to mark this important milestone and a video that reminds its path. The anniversary programme ended with a teambuilding action.


2022.03.14 Article
ANITA-2 already monitoring air on the International Space Station

Watch German astronaut Matthias Maurer taking the ANITA-2 (Analysing Interferometer for Ambient Air) out of its packaging and place it in Destiny Lab - NASA's first permanent orbital research station. FHP configured the instrument and manufactured parts of the hardware (housings, metallic components, and coatings). The ANITA-2 instrument is currently operating in perfect conditions, monitoring the air on the International Space Station (ISS).


2022.02.09 Article
FHP and the exoplanet shaped like a rugby ball
It is called Wasp-103b, has 1.5 times the mass and twice the diameter of Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System. It is an exoplanet in the shape of a rugby ball and was discovered by a team led by Portuguese researcher Susana Barros, from the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences (IAstro). An achievement carried out within the scope of an ESA - European Space Agency mission involving the CHEOPS (Characterizing Exoplanet Satellite), whose accuracy confirmed the astronomers' assumptions. A project that counts with the significant participation of Portuguese companies, among which FHP - Frezite High Performance, the Group's space company.

2021.12.15 Article
FHP in the Portuguese Space Catalogue

The catalogue Portugal Space - Overview of the Portuguese Space Ecosystem presents an in-depth portrait of the Portuguese space sector ecosystem. This document includes 52 companies, namely FHP - space company of the FREZITE Group - and 30 research centres.

See the catalogue here: https://lnkd.in/d-4qr2tE

2021.12.02 Article
FHP renews its facilities

The first phase of the expansion of FHP facilities, in Oporto, was concluded, creating a more attractive space for the employees and to receive clients and visitors. With this, FHP doubled the area of offices, where the divisions of Research & Development, LMC - Lightweight Mechanical Components, MHW - Mechanical Hardware, THW - Thermal Hardware and Quality are now installed. 

2021.11.19 Article
FHP participates in Space Tech

This is the main meeting point in Europe for space business, technology, and innovation. The event with the participation of FHP - at the collective Portugal Space booth - was held between the 16th and 18th of November in Bremen, Germany. Between the exhibition and the Space Tech Expo Europe conferences the latest developments of technical designers, sub-system suppliers, manufacturers, and components through system integrators for civil, military, and commercial space were presented to the market.

2021.11.10 Article
FHP in CORDIS for its participation in LEA

The article appears on the CORDIS portal, which publishes research results in the European Union, and refers to FHP's participation in LEA - Large European Antenna, the first large deployable reflector subsystem in Europe. The ever-increasing demand for information collected by satellites requires larger on-board antenna reflectors. With a diameter of five meters, the LEA has been subjected to several tests on the ground, to prove its suitability for use in space. FHP was involved in the antenna's structure. See here the reference to the FREZITE space company.

2021.10.28 Article
ESA Representative visits FHP

On the 26th of October FHP received a visit from the Country Desk Officer of Portugal from the European Space Agency that visited the space company of the FREZITE Group together with a team from Portugal Space. The ESA representative is part of the Industrial Policy Division of the European organization that oversees the space area. This initiative to visit the Portuguese companies supplying ESA with the highest turnover in the last years, was promoted by the Portuguese aeronautics cluster and proved to be very useful to both entities. It’s FHP sharing its ambitions, with doors open to the world.

2021.10.20 Article
FHP supports Portuguese team in EuRoC

The EuRoC - European Rocketry Challenge, a European contest to launch rockets designed and assembled by university students involved, for the first time, a Portuguese team. FHP provided technical support to this team, from IST - Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa, in the event happened between October 11 and 17 at the Ponte de Sôr aerodrome. The initiative took place simultaneously with the 5th edition of the Portugal Air Summit (PAS), the largest aviation, space and defence summit in the Iberian Peninsula also one of the largest in Europe. See here.

2021.10.18 Article
FHP partner in the Biomedical Engineering Summit

Addressing issues of relevance in the field of Biomedical Engineering, the second edition of the Biomedical Engineering Summit 2021 provided the sharing of knowledge on the latest technological advances in the health area. It took place between 3 and 5 September at Ordem dos Engenheiros – in Lisbon and Porto – and was supported by FHP, which challenged the participants to explore the potential of aerospace technologies in biomedical applications area. This is FHP investing in cutting-edge partnerships.

2021.09.03 Article
... and integrates a satellite that will photograph stars and find planets
The FHP team has finalized – during the months of July and August – two integration campaigns, namely the thermal protections – designed and produced in Oporto – for the PLATO satellite (PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of stars). The company developed the payload module for the active part of the satellite – instruments of maximum importance – namely its 26 cameras. PLATO aims to photograph more than 100 thousand stars, and primarily to find planets like Earth not only in terms of size, but also in their ability to be habitable or not.

2021.08.27 Article
FHP finishes integrations in the satellite that will explore Jupiter
The JUICE satellite (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer), which aims to explore Jupiter's moons, is located at ESA's (European Space Agency) technical headquarters in the Netherlands, where it is being submitted to a complete set of tests to prove its flight capability. FHP – Frezite High Performance finished this year the integration and test campaigns that brought the team to several European ESA facilities – Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands. The validation phase is currently underway, and the JUICE is expected to fly in June 2022.

2021.07.29 Article
... participates in the first German telecommunication satellite
After the design and production of the thermal protections in Oporto, the FHP team has executed the first part of the integration of the thermal protections in the first telecommunications satellite (satcom) of OHB (third European satellite manufacturer, after AIRBUS and Thales Alenia Space). Named after German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz – who demonstrated the existence of electromagnetic radiation – the H2Sat was commissioned by DLR - German Space Agency for commercial purposes.

2021.07.20 Article
FHP in spectrometer dedicated to smallsats

FHP is involved in the development, manufacturing, integration, and testing of a structure (Cover Assembly) for the ELOIS instrument - a compact and lightweight hyperspectral imager for a Belgian company acting in aerospace technology. In this way, FHP makes its debut supplying simultaneous the thermal and structure protection. Besides the MLI multilayer coating, FHP will supply the panels of the structure, the OSR mirrors (optical solar reflector) and the radiator, assuring more complex and integrated solutions to its customers. The contract also includes a pre-test (shaker test) of the final structure before delivery of the final hardware.

2021.06.15 Article
Concluded the participation in Europe `s largest antenna

It constitutes an important achievement, not only for the WeLEA - Europe ´s consortium of highly specialized companies, but also for FHP, by opening doors for other activities that converged in a contract to supply a deployable antenna for the Copernicus CIMR mission.  With a diameter of 5 meters, the LEA - Large European Antenna has in its structure composite tubes (and thermal protection) produced by FHP to support all the loads incurred during the launch of the antenna (rigidity), as well as to guarantee the necessary stability for the good performance of the antenna during its period of use around the Earth. The LEA project started in 2017 and has been concluded by conducting several tests on the ground to prove that the antenna is capable of being used in Space. It is the first hardware of its kind in Europe and the successor mission, CIMR, will fly as early as 2025.


2021.03.19 Article
FHP completes RADEM for JUICE mission

The 72 hours bake-out of the Radiation-hard Electron Monitor (RADEM) aims to protect the sensitive instruments on board the satellite that integrates the mission of ESA - European Space Agency to Jupiter (JUICE). This operation was carried out in the bake-out chamber that FHP - Frezite High Performance has installed in its headquarters in Porto. The molecules are potential contamination threats in case of condensation on sensitive surfaces. RADEM is now ready for use and will soon be integrated in the launch of the JUICE satellite next year. Scheduled to arrive at Jupiter in 2029, JUICE will spend at least 3 years observing in detail the planet Jupiter and its three largest moons, Ganymede, Callisto and Europa.

2021.03.03 Video
FHP involved in reflector for an Earth Observation satellite

FHP - Frezite High Performance is participating in the manufacture of the carbon tubes that is part of the structure of a large reflector, supported by an arm that can fly on the next Copernicus mission. It is a folding structure weighing 42 kilos and measuring about six meters developed - from materials to engineering - entirely by European countries. An investment of half a million euros with launch scheduled for 2026. At stake is Europe's independence in terms of Earth observation.


2020.10.22 Institutional
FHP and Cryogenics
The multi-layer coating (MLI) in which FHP is the specialist is an efficient thermal protection in the cryogenics market. The know-how acquired by the FREZITE Group company allows it to develop solutions in this field that have applications in different industries from the medical area to the transport sector. FHP is growing...

2020.09.14 Article with video
FHP coating used on an antenna in a mission to Jupiter

JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) is one of the major scientific missions of the European Space Agency's Cosmic Vision programme. The satellite, to be launched in 2022, is expected to reach Jupiter after a long gravity-assisted journey around Venus, Earth and Mars. The built-in multi-layer-coated antenna (MLI) produced by FHP should provide two-way communications between the JUICE satellite and Earth to analyse the atmospheres and gravitational fields of the planet and several of its moons. Another relevant FHP participation in the exploration of the planet Jupiter! Watch a video of the functional tests here: 


2020.08.24 Article
FHP participates in the development of air transport solutions
FHP is working on the definition, identification, studies and development of structural insulation - thermal and acoustic - for the elements that make up FLY.PT's modular air transport solution. This involves the combination of an autonomous electric vehicle (AEV) with an autonomous aerial vehicle (UAV or drone), by coupling/uncoupling a cabin for two to four people or two people with luggage. It makes FHP an active partner at the forefront of e-mobility solutions.

2020.07.27 Article
FHP in the space program Copernicus

FHP will participate in the manufacture of new satellites for the European programme Copernicus whose objective is to put at least 12 more satellites in orbit for better Earth observation. FREZITE heads a list of four Portuguese companies and one institute involved in a 10 million euro funded contract under ESA - European Space Agency.



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